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Majors League/Division Rules


  • Age Bracket: 10-12 year olds (Click Here for league age requirements & guidelines)
  • Recommended Max Team Size: 11 Players
  • Field Size: 50/70
  • Pre-Game Warm-Up: Both teams shall share infield and outfield space prior to the game for the purpose of warm-up. No batting practice should occur at home plate.
  • Game Length: 6 Innings, 120 minute limit. No new inning to start after 105 minutes of play.
  • Ball Requirements: Rawlings Cal Ripken. The home team will supply the game balls.
  • Bat Requirements: USA Baseball Marking, 2 5/8" Barrel Maximum.
  • Helmet Requirements: All batters and base runners are required to wear proper batting helmets
    that are in acceptable condition (no cracks, missing padding, etc.).
  • Scoring: Score is kept, League Standings are kept.
  • Umpires: Paid Umpires are used.
  • Time-Outs: Managers and coaches cannot freeze plays, but can call a time-out any time after a play is over to instruct a player.
  • Concession of victory ? One team has a lead of 12 runs or more after five innings.
  • Jewelry or other metallic items are not permitted to be worn by players except for medical alert tags.



  • The offensive team should have coaches at first and third base and a coach or parent to manage the bench and on-deck circle (if available). Any “coach” under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while on the field.


  • When a team is at bat, only one player is allowed to be in the fenced on-deck area. There must be a coach monitoring the on-deck area or it is not allowed to be used. The player must wear a batting helmet while in the on deck area. The remaining players not on-deck, batting, or on the bases should be on the bench. Only the batter and the batter on-deck should be holding a bat.
  • All players will be placed in the active lineup. (ie., if a team has 11 players, all 11 players will be in the lineup and bat). Batters will bat, in order, until either 3 outs are made by the fielding team or 5 runs are scored by the batting team. Batters will remain in a set line up order for the duration of the game. The next inning will start with the next batter in the lineup. There is no guarantee every player will bat each inning, and it is possible that players may bat more than once in an inning.
  • There is no limit on runs scored in the 6th inning (or declared final inning). If the last inning seems to be getting out of control with a team up by 10 or more runs, the batting team should consider stopping their at bat as a sign of good sportsmanship.
  • Bunting is permitted. Showing bunt and pulling back is acceptable. However, showing bunt and pulling back to swing away (Slash Bunt) is not permitted.
  • The batter will be awarded first base on a hit by pitch or base on balls. The batter may round first base and attempt to steal 2nd base on a base on balls.
  • Throwing the bat after the ball is hit is not allowed. After the first infraction the player shall receive a verbal warning. After the second occurrence, the player should be called out. Players should be encouraged to drop their bat and run when any ball is batted or when a ball is put into play by a coach. Players should be strongly discouraged from throwing their bat or any other equipment.

Base Running

  • Leading off is permitted.
  • A player may attempt to steal any base at his/her own risk. The base runner stealing may advance on an overthrow or error during a steal attempt.
  • Drop third strike IS in effect.
  • Runners may advance as many bases as a hit allows. Runners may advance 1 base on an overthrow. If a runner is attempting to get multiple bases on a ball hit to the outfield, before the ball is controlled by the pitcher, as long as the runner has rounded the base, they may continue to the next base, there is no “half way rule”.
  • Runners may steal and advance bases with no restrictions.
  • If a runner misses a base, they are subject to an appeal and subsequent call of out.
  • A pinch runner is allowed for a player who will be catching in the following ½ inning.
  • Sliding is taught at this level. Players will be encouraged to slide when appropriate and to avoid contact with a defensive player.



  • Defensive coaches are not permitted on the field during play.


  • Teams must field all 9 positions, including 3 outfields and a catcher. An outfielder may be (borrowed) from the opposing team.
  • Catchers are required to wear throat protectors and athletic supporters & protective cups.
    Additionally, the long model chest protectors are optional for catchers. They are required to use
    a catcher’s mitt.
  • Outfielders must play at least 5 yards past the infield edge.
  • Infield Fly Rule is in effect.


  • If a pitcher hits three (3) batters in the game, a relief pitch must come in.
  • The pitcher must be replaced upon a 2nd mound visit in the same inning.
  • No more than two (2) innings per game is allowed for any pitcher, and a max of 4 innings per week. A pitcher does not have to pitch their two innings consecutively. (ie., They may pitch in inning 1 and return and pitch in inning 5. However, if a pitcher is removed mid inning, they can not return later in the game to pitch again. One pitch or more pitches in any inning is considered an inning pitched.
  • Pitchers may throw no more than 6 warm up pitches for the first inning they are pitching. If they pitch a second inning, they can only throw a total of 4 warm up pitches.
  • Intentional walks are not permitted.
  • Drop third strike IS in effect.
  • Balks will be called, but not penalized. Pitchers should be instructed and corrected when this occurs. On the first occurrence for a pitcher, if a base runner is already in motion to steal a base when the balk is committed, the runner will be sent back. On all subsequent occurrences for that pitcher, if the runner is in motion, the runner will be awarded the stolen base. The warning resets with each new pitcher.


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